Environments or objects decontamination with hydrogen peroxide, both in the most efficiency steam’s form as well as dry fog, continues to gain greater success and application proven effectiveness of reduction of many living forms, absence of residues caused by the sterilizer employed which decomposes in oxygen and water, and the low, or rather nil, environmental impact of the exhausted.

Proclea, in 2010, has developed and positively applied a VHP generator with continue process humidity’s control original concept.

Consequently, we have increased exponentially the decontamination’s efficiency and put the basis to be able to provide decontaminant lethal doses, practically endless.

VHP generators are distinguished by abbreviation TDP® , the brand name.

In generator’s wake, have been designed and realized decontamination’s systems like autoclave or Transfer Hatches.

Our plants can work both atmospheric pressure and in vacuum, method that optimizes and improves the decontaminant’s penetration in load.

A particular application, developed concept with one of the major freeze- dryers Italian manufacturers, is the application of TDP® generator to freeze-dryers plants which does not possess an embedded steam sterilizationcapability, solution which make it possible to update the older plants or to contain investments cost of new installation.

In our site’s Download section, you can be find an interesting explanation of decontamination mechanism with Hydrogen Peroxide.