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Renewable Energy


Proclea has developed a series of  co-generators for the production of thermal and electric energy starting from timber.

The used fuel, in the form of wood chips or wood pellets complying with the European standard, is transformed into Syngas.

The endothermic engine, always developed by Proclea, uses Syngas to produce electricity for use in both isle mode, that is a not-networked mode useful for isolated compunds, that in network mode,   i.e. connected to the local or national  energy distribution network.

But  the systems designed by Proclea are something more than a cogeneration gasification system, because they can integrate, in the same unit:

  • Cold Production, as chilled water at 7°C
  • Micro Aeolic, to exploit wind energy in outdoor application
  • Thermoelectric solar, always an outdoor application
  • Treatment and purification of groundwater or surface water
  • Hydrogen production, to be stored and then used in fuel cells during periods of high withdrawal