The Proclea’s training process, growth and development starts in the mid-eighties of the last century with the establishment of Colombo Engineering, which is dedicated to plants and cleanrooms design for pharmaceutical and electronic industries.

In the early nineties, Colombo Engineering action is improved with the establishment of Cleatec S.r.l., a firm  that manufacture  and installs cleanroom components, cleanrooms and plants designed by Colombo Engineering.

To increase its production capacity, Cleatec becomes shareholder of Hitech Legno, a composite manufacter.

In 2009, Colombo Engineering and Cleatec merge in a new firm, Proclea S.r.l., whose  target is to integrate, to valorize and improve the traditional activities of original companies.

While skilling in design, planning, procurement and realization are a Proclea’s heritage and strength, as well as the continuity that is a value for its customers, partnerships with qualified travel companions strengthen Proclea also in terms of production capacity than planned.

Despite its long story, the low average age of Proclea’s components, associates and collaborators, gives us the thrill and enthusiasm needed to develop new ideas and projects, projecting Proclea towards the future.

Our markets

Proclea’s core business markets are Biotech and Mechatronics, other than the classical Pharmaceutical