Engineering and Quality

flexible services for the biotech, pharma, medical devices and mechatronic industries...


a design way looking at the future and to the energy saving for key systems in the modern industries….

Renewable Energy

Electricity, heat, chilled water, water potabilization from wood gasification….

Process design

from feasibility study to systems and plants design and erection in Biotech and Pharma industries…..

VHP Decontamination

state of the art in Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination techniques…

Our philosophy



Customer satisfaction requires investment over time: this is the word key of Proclea when start a new project.

Choose every time upgraded are the target of Proclea design strategies, for plants design or cleanrooms we must be updated on the evolution of the requirements that the market imposes on our customers throughout the life of the products that we produce.


Full conformity with statue of art and cGMP and norms which our customer is subject.

 Costant improvement in the quality of our productions.

News and Events

Welcome in new Proclea's site

We are delighted to welcome you to our Proclea new site


Sviluppiamo e realizziamo strumenti di precisione per la gestione e controllo degli impianti HVAC e rilevamento gas.

VHP Decontamination

Produzione di sistemi di decontaminazione a perossido di idrogeno , stand-alone , integrati ed integrabili a macchine esistenti.


Proclea dispone di una gamma completa di sistemi costruttivi per clean-room.


Una solida esperienza nel campo dell’ingegneria industriale, degli impianti e del controllo della contaminazione ambientale.

Renewable Energy

Micro cogeneratori a syngas da cippato da 30 a 200 kW