EMA130 Analizzatori e rilevatori di gas


Proclea is able to design and supply customized equipment, supporting the Customer requirements with the most up-to-dated technologies.

How works

Electrochemical sensors work in a way similar to batteries. When the target gas is present, a small electrical charge is generated chemically between two electrodes, and displayed in the measuring head. The signal strength is proportional to the concentration. One fundamental requirement is to achieve a stable sensitivity and good selectivity under all relevant ambient conditions. The sensors must be able to reliably withstand the tough conditions prevailing in an industrial setting, and do this 24 hours a day, all year round.

Focus on

The ease of use is a must for Proclea: the EMA130 gas reader needs only a 4 wire M12 connector with a typical 24Vdc supply to be ready to use. The LCD display allows you to read immediately the concentration value. The instrument provide a linearized 4-20mA signal, directly proportional to the gas range, to be used In a remote system, like safe area reader or PLC Basically, EMA130 is provided with an 1”1/2 ASME BPE TriClamp connection to the process or to the ambient. Optionally, it can be provided with screwed or fastened terminals. All the components of the instrument are engineered, manufactured, assembled and calibrated in EU.


EMA130 are provided calibrated by factory. NIST or traceable calibration service is available on request

Order code composition

EMA160-A-B-C A: Gas type, see Table 1 for reference codes B: Range code, see Table 1 for reference codes C: process connections, table 2 for reference codes