TDP® Hydrogen Peroxide steam generators


From more than 20 years, vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization is an affirmed technique of bacterial charge’s reduction.

Known with terms of VHP, HPV or Dry Fog depending on  vaporization or nebulization technique, this technique lends itself to sterilization of everything that is thermally labile, both objects or environments than systems that don’t like pressure and elevated temperature reached by the  classics water steam sterilization methods (SIP) and not even the presence of residue due to employment of chemical sterilants.

Water and oxygen are unique residue of sterilization with hydrogen peroxide.

Proclea has developed, in 2010, a VHP generator,   distributes with TDP®  commercial brand.

By analyzing what’s on market, we detected two critical aspects of VHP generators:

  • Limited or nil capacity to control environment’s humidity during the entire sterilization cycle
  • Possibility to introduce a limited hydrogen peroxides quantity in environment, and toward the load, to sterilize

For this, we have endowed TDP®  of a continuous dehumidifier.

Acting during entire sterilization’s cycle, dehumidifier keeps environment’s humidity under condensation’s securities: this allows us

  • To increase indefinitely the vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide’s quantity released in environment and, then to increase exponentially the reductions log of loads bacterial charge to sterilize
  • To hold humidity well below the condensation’s point avoiding the formation of highly corrosive substances


TDP® is structured in an extremely friendly way from the point of view of user management:

  • Simple is the change of Peroxide bottle
  • Simple are settings, storing and recalling of sterilization cycles recipes
  • Simple is alarms management
  • Simple and complete is management of sterilization’s documentation, both paper based than file based, with the full respect of CFR21 Part 11 and data integrity

Proclea supports its customers with a program complete of:

  • Sterilization cycle development
  • Production of qualification documentation required to qualify the system and process: FDS, IQ, OQ, PQ, user and maintenance manuals.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide’s supplying certified and traced