Hydrogen peroxide vapour decontamination machine TDP C-01

Decontamination of closed volume sas rooms, car, buses, ambulances, containers or other spaces, requires a decontamination agent able to:

  • Be effective on a large spectrum of virus and bacteria
  • Reach every corner or receptacle of the volume under decontamination with uniformity of concentration
  • Don’t damage materials or components contained in the volume under decontamination
  • Don’t leave residuals dangerous for humans

Really a few numbers of decontamination agents has got all this features contemporarily.

The best one, which compliance with the above-mentioned requirement has been demonstrated in decades of use, are Vapours of Hydrogen of Peroxide known also with the VHP acronym.

Pay attention: not the nebulized or spray diffused hydrogen peroxide, which diffusion ability and decontamination efficiency are far lower than VHP and the corrosive action is higher a lot respect the VHP but the true VHP.

In the decontamination unit VHP TDP C-01, Proclea concentrated decades of experience in the engineering and manufacturing of industrial TDP VHP system used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

The decontamination unit VHP TDP C-01 has been designed to obtain a very high decontamination efficiency in generic volumes and with the operation of not highly specialized personnel.


  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Laboratories
  • Surgery
  • Medical offices
  • Hospitals
  • First aid departments
  • Ambulance
  • Offices
  • Markets
  • Bus, trucks, cars
  • Equipment and systems
  • HVAC
  • Containers


TDP C-01 diffuses the decontaminant as vapour.

To use vapour instead spray means to assure a perfect distribution of the decontamination agent over any point of the volume under decontamination without need complex and costly diffusion systems.




TDP C-01 uses as decontamination agent the hydrogen peroxide.

Thanks to this choice, after decontamination the sole residuals will be aqueous vapor in the air and oxygen.

Two natural elements not dangerous for humans or environment.

Decontamination agent used by TDP C-01 is Sterile grade Hydrogen Peroxide supplied by Proclea in different concentrations and containers ready to use.

The Sterile grade assures the absence, in the decontamination agent, of pollutants, that you can find in the commercial or pharmacy sold peroxides, dangerous for the humans once settled on surfaces.


The decontamination agent used and the technology used in the VHP TDP C-01 allow to access the room after a short time, starting from 90 minutes after the star of the decontamination cycle.

The decontamination cycle, fully established and controlled automatically by the on-board computer, has got a duration from 30 to 65 minutes depending of the volumes under decontamination.

After that, the decontaminated room must be aerated in order to be acce3ssed by humans.

Using VHP05-35SG as decontamination agent, the TDP C-01 reaches a minimum reduction of the 99,99% of the bacteria and viruses present in the volume, namely a log4 reduction.


VHP TDP C-01 offers a wide range of advantage for application flexibility and decontamination effectiveness despite the low investment cost.

A small size, a light weight, the need of a small plug of 230V ac energy let simple the usage of TDP C-01 in single or networked configuration of a max of 175 m3 per unit.