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Renewable Energy



PYROSYNT  is a series of cogenerators powered by wood chips or wood pellets for the production of electricity, thermal energy for heating and chilling and hydrogen for fuel cells.

The units are proposed in sizes from 20 to 200 electric kW, modularly matched to obtain all intermediate power sizes, and in four basic configurations:

  • Pyrosynt SG, the rough wood gasifier, able to produce syngas capable to feed a boiler or an internal or external  combustion engine yet  in the availability of final user.
  • Pyrosynt CG, the system of cogeneration for the combined production of electricity and thermal energy. The Pyrosynt CG’s system efficiency can be further increased providing the unit with an Hydrogen generator, that automatically activates when the demand for electricity is lower than that produced by the CG, generating and storing the hydrogen, and an hydrogen feed  fuel cell , that automatically compensates for the energy demand  
  • Pyrosynt TG, trigeneration systems, electricity, thermal energy, chilling water production at 7°C, for all users, like, for example, nurserymen, which requires an accurate control of the microclimate in the working environment.
  • Pyrosynt CGW, the solution to add to the production of electricity and thermal energy, the treatment or purification of surface waters, useful both in isolated compound than as integrated emergency services to address the increasingly frequent discomfort situations caused by natural disasters.

Finally, Pyrosynt Pentagen, which integrates Pyrosynt CG with micro Aeolic, Photovoltaic and solar thermal generators, to exploit, in an open space, all potentialities that nature offer us.