EMA158PK Air flow and channel measurers


One product, more applications

With EMA158RK-TPRnnn, Proclea make possible, in one kit, the air flow rates measure an control in air conditioning  equipments.

The system can be applied on each plant, regardless the size of the same, and in channel  of any form and shape operating in the speed range from 1 to 28 m/s.

EMA158RK-TPRnnn can be configured for OEM or field applications.

Every kit includes:

  • 1 Proclea EMA158 air flow rate measurer
  • 1 EMA158R electronic measurer, from electric board on DIN bar, with selectable output (0/10V, 0/20mA, 4/20mA) and Modbus data transmission
  • 1TPRnnn Prandtl tube made according to your needs with AISI316 measure tubes and anodized aluminum structure
  • In option, EMA158 – EMA158R group, already according to your needs, can be equipped and wired in a plastic material container for field application