Cleanrooms walls


From 1986, Proclea design and produces mobile wall systems for controlled contamination environments.

The walls production is executed by Proclea’s partner companies under the Proclea’s direct supervision and quality control during the whole manufacturing process.

As with all other Proclea’s products and services, even for the walls we are able to develop specific solutions for the needs of our customer.

Some examples:

  • CW60F, wall for pharmaceutical, biotechnologies and evolved food industry; a progressive system realized with HPL sandwich panel and polyurethane core. A perfect smoothness of all constructive elements, joints, visual, rounded–corner, floors, doors and accessories for maximum airtight and cleanliness.
  • CW60B, specific wall for biotechnologies and sterile powders processing in low humidity environments; the polyurethane core plus aluminum and PVC double skin sandwich panels and elbow joints guaranteed the total wall’s continuity, the absence of recesses where higly – potent or alive APIs can accumulate and the maximum ease of cleaning and daily decontamination
  • CW60I, AISI316 stainless steel lining wall’s, for particularly heavy applications from the point of view of the aggressiveness of cleaning and decontamination products
  • CW60E, wall for electronics and mechatronics, non-progressive type; panels made of aluminum sandwich and aluminum honeycomb, joined to the extruded frame designed by Proclea, making this wall easy to remove, sealed and conforming to the most stringent ESD standard