Ceiling SW10


SW10 is a modular extruded aluminum ceiling that is extremely rigid and capable, if properly supported, to ensure pedestrian safety.

One of SW10 peculiarity is the possibility to run thr maintenance of  cleanroom components such as HEPA filter, terminal or ceiling lamps,  from the inside of the cleanroom, without having to raise or rotate them, but simply  removing the locking profile integrated in the SW10 structure without the use of any tool.

SW10 is completed with panel realized, depending on customer requirements, with:

  • HPL laminate, a classic in pharmaceutical and food industry
  • Aluminum composite with polypropylene fire retardant core: lightness, dimensional stability in any operating condition, maximum hygiene and cleanliness
  • Aluminum composite with Aluminum honeycomb core, for maximum stiffness and bearing capacity.
  • Painted steel, for ESD applications or for high differential pressure environments.

A distinctive touch is the ceiling LED light integrated in  the structure: efficient both from the energy and from the enlightenment point of view, warrants an unmatched uniformity enlightenment.